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First Parish of Hubbardston Project

"…we highly recommend your company to anyone considering a restoration project and we sincerely hope to have another opportunity to work with you in the future."

- Cynthia Washburn-Doane
First Parish Unitarian Church of Hubbardston

First Parish Unitarian Church of Hubbardston Historic Preservation Chenot Associates

Scope of Work
The First Parish Unitarian Church was originally built in 1773 as a church and a meeting house. In the 1830’s the steeple blew over and was replaced. Threw directives from Chenot Associates and the Massachusetts Historical Commission, Murray Brothers Construction performed complete preservation of the exterior church completed in two phases to accommodate the churches finances which where obtained from numerous sources.

Work included structurally supporting the steeple, extensive carpentry repair and paint on both the steeple and the rest of the building. The chimney was disassembled to 4’ below its original height and rebuilt as well as repointed. The foundation wall was repointed as well with simulated mortar as approved by the MHC. A large piece of cracked granite threshold was excavated repaired and set back in place. Existing standard, undersized gutters where removed and replaced with oversized gutters and downspouts replicating what would have been there originally. The clock and weathervane where lubricated and gilded.

On Wednesday October 8 we celebrated the substantial completion of the project with a “topping off” ceremony in which Matt Buckley set the weathervane on top of the 125’ steeple.

Please use the drop-down above to log-in to the First Parish of Hubbardston Project using the ID and PASS provided by Murray Brothers Construction, Inc. Please contact us @ (978) 537-5700 if you misplaced and/or require an ID and PASS to review your project status.