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ITW Metalizer Project

ITW Foilmark Office Relocation and Metalizer Pit Chenot Associates
Peter Kershaw

Phase 1 consists of relocating and completely renovating the shipping office, maintenance office, locker room, cafeteria, and 3 bathrooms. As well as establishing the chemical demising room and separating the new metalizer pit room.

Phase 2 requires a large penetration into the exterior of the building, followed by the demolition of the existing concrete slab in order to excavate an 8 deep pit. A 1 thick monolithic footing will be poured followed up by intricate foundation perimeter to accept the metalizer.

Please use the drop-down above to log-in to the ITW Metalizer Project using the ID and PASS provided by Murray Brothers Construction, Inc. Please contact us @ (978) 537-5700 if you misplaced and/or require an ID and PASS to review your project status.