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SNEC Office Addition Project

"Your team pursued both of these projects with a "can do" attitude and attention to detail that is uncommon among most contractors we have worked with previously."

- Tom Peterman

SNEC / ABC Office Addition and Renovation Peterman Architects
Jeff Linthwaite Tom Peterman

Design-Build and Fast Track, we broke ground on this project early February while the structural, mechanical, and electrical plans where still in preliminary design. Meticulous cost allocation is needed to delineate between the two customers. An intricate schedule was initiated to ensure on time completion as well as proper organization while making renovations to the existing office space.

Please use the drop-down above to log-in to the SNEC Office Addition Project using the ID and PASS provided by Murray Brothers Construction, Inc. Please contact us @ (978) 537-5700 if you misplaced and/or require an ID and PASS to review your project status.