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Daniels Farmstead Project

"The scheduling process with our New England weather was well planned and we commend your team for working long hours and even on holidays. All workmen were courteous and accomodating. I was impressed with the quality of workmanship and, also, the ending clean up."

- The Daniel's Farmstead Foundation, Inc.

Daniels Farmstead Foundation          Chenot Associates

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places and originally Built c. 1750 with an addition in c. 1850 the Daniels Farmstead is a museum depicting New England farm life in the 18th Century.

All 4 chimneys where structurally supported, disassembled to below the roofline and rebuilt with the original brick and historically correct mortar color and spacing. Field stone foundation was pointed.

Deteriorated structure was removed and replaced with period correct joinery and new concrete footings.

Original shutters where rebuilt by disassembling discarded shutters from the barn, and attic. In the end 100% of the shutters are original.

Exterior clapboard and crown molding where repaired and painted.

A custom built skylight was fabricated to match the original and installed in conjunction with the roof.

An A.D.A accessible bridge will be built to allow accessibility to the first floor.

Letter of Reference (pdf)

Please use the drop-down above to log-in to the Daniels Farmstead Project using the ID and PASS provided by Murray Brothers Construction, Inc. Please contact us @ (978) 537-5700 if you misplaced and/or require an ID and PASS to review your project status.