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Framingham SDA Project

"MBC consistently brings value engineering to each project they have been involved in. The knowledge and experience of the MBC team continues to be evident as each project presents unique challenges and opportunities for increased value."

- Jeff Linthwaite

Framingham Centre Seventh Day Adventist Church
Restoration and Renovation

Chenot Associates

Framingham Centre Seventh Day Adventist Church
Jeff Linthwaite
Pastor Daniel Sierra

Scope of Work
After a fire destroyed approximately 85% of the church Murray Brothers Construction was contacted to determine that the structural integrity of the timbers supporting the entire roof structure had not been compromised.

We then assisted Chenot Associates in the design as we proceeded with the restoration.

The steeple was removed so that the "Car-decking" and roof could be repaired. Three new A.D.A. compliant bathrooms and an A.D.A. lift installed. A modern efficient heating and cooling system was installed with the duct work sucked up and in to allow the basement ceiling to be raised 6". This allowed larger windows to be installed increasing the natural light by 20%.

All windows and entrances are low e, argon filled, thermally broken and solar tinted with the exception of the gable end walls which received a translucent curtain wall system with an R-value of 20. Other aspects include a commercial grade kitchen, baptismal tank, audio visual loft, sanctuary and cry room.