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First Parish Church United of Westford

Cornerstone Architects, Inc.

First Parish Church United of Westford

Scope of Work
Murray Brothers will be providing General Contracting for the construction of a new building connector between the Fellowship Hall and Meeting House. The new building will make the 225 year old historic church accessible to all. We will be utilizing a Structurally Insulated Panel System or “SIPS” on exterior walls and roof, panels consist of R-23 & R-38 insulation, increasing building efficiency by 20%. Renovations to existing elevator shaft and installation of a new elevator will be done and we'll provide fire suppression throughout the new and existing building.

"These are the results from the Thermal Imaging test on the SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System). This test allows us to identify and address any areas of thermal loss in any building."

Thermal Imaging Report (PDF)